Set a Cabochon Stone

Set a Cabochon Stone



This will push your silversmithing skills to the max! In this all day class I will teach you how to solder that fine and beautiful bezel strip around those lovely cabochon stones. This method of stone setting is called ‘bezel setting’. A cabochon stone is a flat back stone… one of the simplest of stone settings! You will construct a ring or a pendant made out of sterling silver then carefully design and set your stone. You will drill, cut, solder and polish the metal to bring your chosen design to life!

Price includes enough silver to make a ring or pendant and a cabochon stone. If anyone has any requests for colours/types of stones/size then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to get a stone that is right for you. Any additional silver or stones will be added to the cost. You can also bring your own stones if you fancy!

Please note that you need to have a good understanding of jewellery making to attend the class and feel comfortable. Skills such as soldering, filing and saw piercing are essential.

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